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Nevada Lead Cars

Nevada Lead Car Services Experts for Guiding Oversize Loads

At F&L Transport, our Lead Car Services are an essential part of transporting oversized loads. Lead cars drive ahead of the oversized load to ensure the path is clear and to warn the load driver of any upcoming obstacles or route changes.

Advantages of Our Lead Car Services:

  • Proactive Obstacle Avoidance: Our lead cars are always on the lookout for low bridges, tight turns, and other potential obstacles.

  • Traffic Management: We manage traffic effectively to minimize disruptions and maintain safety.

  • Expert Navigation: Our drivers are trained to navigate through complex routes, ensuring that your load arrives on time.

Our Lead Car Services Provide:

  • Detailed pre-trip planning for identifying the best possible route.

  • High visibility markings and lighting for increased road safety.

  • Communication equipment to keep in constant contact with the entire transport team.

Let F&L Transport lead your next oversized load to its destination with confidence. Get in touch to learn more about our lead car services.

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