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Nevada Chase Cars

Reliable Chase Car Services for Comprehensive Load Escorting

Chase Cars are a vital component of the oversize load escort process, and F&L Transport provides top-tier Chase Car Services to accompany your heavy haulage from start to finish.

Why Our Chase Car Services Stand Out:

  • Rear Guard Safety: Our chase cars act as a protective rear guard for your oversized load, ensuring that other road users maintain a safe distance.

  • Load Integrity Monitoring: We continuously monitor the integrity of the load, watching for any shift or potential issues.

  • Immediate Assistance: In the event of an emergency, our chase cars can provide immediate support and coordination for rapid resolution.

Features of Our Chase Car Services:

  • Equipped with all necessary warning signals to alert traffic from behind.

  • Skilled drivers trained in emergency response and load support.

  • Coordination with lead cars to provide a comprehensive escort solution.

For a complete escort that covers all angles, trust F&L Transports's Chase Car Services. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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